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Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for your interest in the ’t Eigen Wijsje day care facilities. Hereby with this shortened English version of our Dutch website we hope to inform you over the most important aspects concerning the ’t Eigen Wijsje day care facilities.

The ’t Eigen Wijsje concept is a private, family run initiative started and directed by Zahra Azadmanesh and Monique Bizzo. In 1999 the very first branch of the ’t Eigen Wijsje was opened as a result of the lack of small-scale crèches available for parents in the Amstelveen area.

Our main goal is to give high quality day care in friendly and small groups. For this reason our crèches are deliberately not large scale. Depending on the size of the individual location, our groups vary between 12-16 children aged from 0 to 4 years old. A group of 12 children will be run by 2 qualified crèche leaders, and larger groups of up to 16 children, will have 3 qualified crèche leaders present.

From the first of May 2016 there will be also a toddler group (2 -4) at the location De Ruyschlaan 193a.

My daughter has had an amazing time at ‘t Eigen wijsje. She has developed so much over this year thanks to the attention that she has gotten from all the wonderful teachers. I cannot thank you enough for the work that they do and how they make all the children feel welcome and loved in what becomes their “second home”.

I hope to be able to pass by sometimes to say hello to her friends and teachers in the coming months to let them know how she is doing in her new school.

I send you all my love and a HUGE thank you.

Best regards,



You can register your child through the “inschrijven” section on our website. Please fill out the registration form with as much information as you can. After registration is complete your child will be placed on a waiting list until we have a place to offer. We will then contact you to inform you that we have a place available for your child and you will be given a week to think about whether you want to take us op on our offer of a placement. You are more than welcome to make an appointment to come and visit the day care facilities. Once you have accepted a place you will be invited to our offices for an intake appointment where we will fully inform you over the individual day care facility that your child is placed at; and you will be given the chance to ask any questions you may have. We will also discuss the first three days for your child which we call ‘getting used to the crèche days’.

It is important to know:

  • The notice period for a parent to terminate a placement is 1 month
  • There is a possibility to swap days, but only when it is possible.
  • We are open 51 weeks a year exept at National holidays.
  •  The monthly invoice is based on 51 weeks, so you don’t pay for the    week enclosure.
  •  Days not used due to illness or (long) holidays will not be refunded
  • We are also closed on the Study day, but this day can be swapped with an other day in the year.
  • The first two days, from the start of your contract shall be construed as an adjustment period. Your child, but also yourself and the Crèche leaders, need time to get used to the new situation. In general, this two days are enough to get used, but if your child needs a longer adjustment period than this can be taken in consideration. We will explain this further during the intake meeting.
  • On the 1st day of your child’s start in our day-care there is also an extensive conversation with one of the Crèche leaders. Take the completed list with information that you have received in advanced, with you.
  • The hours of the adjustment period are:
    1. Day 1: 9:15 until 13:00
    2. Day 2: 8:45 until 15:45
  • These adjustment days will be paid as a full day

We advise you to seek advice for receiving childcare tax benefit (kinderopvang toeslag). This is available via the tax office in the Netherlands. The LRC numbers for our locations you need for this are:

  • De Noorddammerlaan 22a: 732763733
  • De Noorddammerlaan 113a: 215228601
  • De Ruyschlaan 193a: 478935249

Communication with Parents

It is important that there is a good bond between you and the team at the location. You entrust your child to us. Together we have a responsibility for a harmonious and stable development of your child. This good mutual contact is very important. In this way issues such as daily schedule, eating schedule, sleep schedule and pedagogical aspects can be discussed.

A private consultation

Once a year we have a separate parent consultation. The Crèche leader gives you then extensive information about the state of affairs regarding your child. You will be in the opportunity to ask questions. In addition to the pick-up conversations that take place every day, these conversations are very useful by both the parents and Crèche leader.

Parent Committee (Ouder Commissie, O.C.)

Parents are actively involved in our policy, this in the owners interest as well. In this case we can serve our customers well. The law assumes that every crèche must have a Parent Committee, with the representation from at least two parents. The O.C. is the representative of the interests of the parents / guardians.

The O.C. should be able to advise on key issues. As of January 1, 2016 the advisory has been expanded and described in art. 1.60 of the law, such as general nutrition issues or the general policy aimed at education, safety or health. There will be more emphasis on the pedagogical policy. The childcare organization must still implement the policies and educational policy from January 1, 2016 discussed at least once in the 12 months with the parents’ committee. This includes the educational and development activities.

In addition, the childcare organization has to discuss the final inspection of GGD with the parents’ committee.However, not everything falls under the participation of parents. It is important to create justice to the legitimate interests of the parents and the responsibilities of the crèche for a workable atmosphere.

(Source: Covenant Quality Childcare, December 2015)

Report Code: child abuse

This code has been prepared by the Brancheorganisatie Kinderopvang and is used as role model. In any suspicions of child abuse this code guide ‘t Eigen Wijsje how to act (see also Code Report domestic violence and child abuse for all professionals working in the childcare sector 1 copy is available for inspection at each location).


Handling complaints or disputes per January 1, 2016

If parents have complaints or questions which can be discussed at the group, this will have our preference and we hope that the problem will be solved. If this is not possible then the management will act as an intermediary. Is this not the case, a dispute by January 1, 2016 can be submitted to the Disputes Committee for Childcare and preschools where our childcare centers are connected and registered. For more information please refer to or

We appreciate the good care to Tianyi in the last several months and the excellent work of your team.

Best regards,

Li Nan & Jin Tao


Pedagogical Policy

The development of very young children is taken from the home environment to the day care facility. Therefore it is very important to consider how the crèche leaders should carry out the upbringing of children. In March 2011 the ’t Eigen Wijsje day care facilities introduced the so-called ‘pyramid’ method. Crèche leaders are trained through practical experiences and through their pedagogical education know how to bring the best out of even the youngest of children. The pyramid learning method believes that the best results for children are achieved if they are stimulated at a level appropriate to the child in a rich and caring environment. The most important aspects of our day care facilities mean a respect of the following: emotional security, personal skills, social skills, and respect for norms and values.

Emotional Security

The ’t Eigen Wijsje creates an environment where a child feels save, accepted and understood.

Personal Skills

The ’t Eigen Wijsje views each child as an individual with an individual development path and needs. Stimulating a child’s development in a day care centre is giving a child a chance to develop and be supported to get an understanding on the world under adult guidance.

Social Skills

Aside from promotion of personal skills the ’t Eigen Wijsje encourages and stimulates social development between the children.

Norms and Values

The basis of the ’t Eigen Wijsje is a clean, healthy and safe learning environment where discipline, rules and routine are very much present.

Report Code child abuse

This code has been prepared by the Branch organization and used by kdv ’t Eigen Wijsje used as a role model. In any suspicions of child abuse this code guide our employees how to act (see also Code Report domestic violence and child abuse for all professionals working in the childcare sector 1 copy is available for inspection at each location). As of July 1, 2013, the reporting code adapted to the present laws.

Vaccination policy

’t Eigen Wijsje is for vaccinating all the children and likes to reach a coverage ratio of 100%, This gives t Eigen Wijsje the possibility to refuse the children who are interested in our daycare and not being vaccinated. 

In order to have a clear overview of the vaccination coverage, all parents are obliged to provide us with the vaccination data of their children. This information will be handled with the greatest care (General Data Protection Regulation) whereby we guarantee the anonymity of the parents.
We start with the registration form whether or not vaccination is carried out. During the intake we ask the parents to bring with them the vaccination information of their child / children and we will talk about this topic aswell. Our staff will further monitor the follow-up of the vaccination per child.

In addition, we have been well informed by one of our clients, Bio-medicus with a PhD in neuroscience, who has offered to provide additional information to parents if required. It is also possible that we ask parents who do not choose for vaccination, to contact her in which we will be an intermediary. If you prefer to ask questions anonymously, you can do so via our email:, after which we will sent the questions anonymously.

Identifying details in the development of children or other problems

Thanks to the regular training at the crèche leaders during the seminars they have an eye for identifying and assess the severity of any behavioral problems. The crèche leaders can accompany these children sufficient. They also learn to advise the parents and to support them in parenting.

Other points of interest

The language of all of our facilities is Dutch. Through past experience we know that children from other cultures and languages learn quickly how to speak and understand Dutch. However, all of our employees speak English and can therefore communicate to you or your child in English if necessary.

The day is divided up into a fixed routine. All of our facilities are open from 07.45am until 18.15pm. The daily program for the children begins at 09.00am. At 09.30am the children have a fruit snack and something to drink; at 11.30am we start to serve lunch, and at 15.15pm we give the children a small snack and drink. The lunch provided is a typical Dutch lunch of brown bread, with sandwich filler; as well as milk, and a daily variation of soup, pasta, toasted sandwiches, sausages etc. Should your child for whatever reason is not able to eat a certain sort of food, then of course we will take this into consideration.

Mornings and afternoons the children take part in activities. The toddlers sleep from 13.00pm until 14.30pm, while the very young babies stick to their own individual eating and sleeping routines. We provide formula for the babies (nutrilon 1&2 and comfort). We also provide nappies (diapers) for all children and babies who need them. Should your child need a special formula due to allergies or whatever reasons, then we kindly ask that you provide this yourself (This is often available on prescription).

Our Staff

Policy on appropriate professional education staff

The staff, together with our policies make the quality of our care. Thanks to a highly selective choice of our Crèche leaders it is notified that many of them have years of experience in childcare. All our Crèche leaders have the appropriate qualifications according to the “CAO Kinderopvang”.

Policy on use of professionals in training

‘t Eigen Wijsje is approved by the responsible organization Calibris for students PW3/PW4 to guide practice. Pedagogical workers in training (named BBL’ers) are employees in training. They work under a contract. Depending on their skills they are acquired to work in the group.

Professionals-child ratio

‘t Eigen Wijsje uses the professional-child ratio as prescribed by the government, namely:

  • 1 teacher qualified four existing children under 1 year
  • 1 teacher qualified five children present from 1 to 2 years
  • 1 teacher qualified six children present from 2 to 3 years
  • 1 teacher qualified per eighth present children from 3 to 4 years

See also calculation tool of the government:

Notified that we always work with minimal 2 till 3 teachers, often accompanied with a trainee.

Support /solution if professional child ratio occasionally deviates

In principle, any exception from the professional-child ratio only occur if all the children are early and brought together. This happens never or rarely. The rest of the day the Crèche leader is never alone but there are always two or three Crèche leaders on the group.

There is a policy on good overview on the group by the Crèche leader during the pick-up and moments of the children. The children are put at the table and get an activity offered, for example a puzzle, knex or clay. The smaller children are there in the chair with their activity. Therefore there is a good overview, the parents sit with the children and Crèche leader to enjoy this moment with the children and in the same time the Crèche can and do the transfer and keeps the overview

The support for our Crèche leaders by other adults

Thanks to its small size and low hierarchical aspects of our business the teachers are at all times in direct contact with the management. They support and advise the Crèche leaders in every way. When necessary the management can be within 10 minutes at the group and thanks to their qualifications also being active in the group.

Our daycares are accredited training companies for trainees respectively (BOL) Helpende Welzijn, PW3 and PW4. It may be possible that in addition to the professionals 1 or 2 days per week there is also 1 trainee at the group.

The four-eyes principle ‘t Eigen Wijsje

The four eyes principle is implemented from July 1, 2013 for all nurseries. This principle means that an adult should always be able to watch or listen to a professional. A professional may still stand by herself in the group. As long as anytime another adult has the possibility to watch or listen.

’t Eigen Wijsje consists of three different locations with five groups. The four eyes principle is per location filled otherwise. In practice, this depends on the construction of the location. At each location is a protocol (policy) available which makes clear to everyone how the four eyes principle is implemented.

Extra days

If you are in the situation where you need (temporarily) extra care, above the existing days and at the group where your child stays this option is not available, it is possible that we offer this extra care at an another group or location of ‘t Eigen Wijsje. At all the groups the educational policy, have the same character. Because of this a temporary stay at an other group has minimum impact on the child.

After the parents agree for the extra care at an other group by means of a signature on the contract, the child will have first a short Adjustment period. If the result is that two groups have too much impact on the emotional safety of the child, we will find another solution, this in consultation with parents and the Crèche leaders.

Noorddammerlaan 22 A

Kinderdagverblijf 't Eigen Wijsje - Noorddammerlaan 22a

Noorddammerlaan 22 A
1185 ZA Amstelveen

A: 020 640 6040 • B: 020 640 4116

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Noorddammerlaan 113 A

Kinderdagverblijf 't Eigen Wijsje - Noorddammerlaan 113a

Noorddammerlaan 113 A
1187 AC Amstelveen

020 453 2322

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De Ruyschlaan 193 A

Kinderdagverblijf 't Eigen Wijsje - De Ruyschlaan 193a

De Ruyschlaan 193 A
1181 PE Amstelveen

020 737 0136

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